4 off the block spec



4 off the block duo.001


4-seat unit                          w 2830mm          d 710mm             h 410mm


Ply base covered in CMHR polyurethane foams of various densities.

Mirror polished stainless steel frame and legs.

Alternatives can include fully upholstered base without metal frame. Legs can be timber or steel.

Available in alternative seating configurations to include single, 2-seat and 3-seat versions.

Also available with 4 individual seat pads to replace the full size, all-over seat platform as pictured.

Additional variations include laminate, stone and glass as table areas or as all-over
seating tops.

Fabric quantity:

Customer’s own material (C.O.M.)

4-seat unit as shown      3.5 – 4 m

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