project management


We provide a first class project management service to ensure that our customers maximise their benefit from using The Plan.

Our production management is often associated with the provision of bespoke design and manufacturing where various suppliers will be involved in the provision of raw materials, specialist production or finishing techniques as well as our own management relationship with architect, design consultant, intermediary such as a main contractor and the end user.



We work with some highly skilled designers and technicians from some world leading manufacturers each with their own distinct expertise. Here, senior staff keep a close eye on a woven sample production run.



‘Safari’ cubicle curtain design for The Hospitals for Sick Children, Gt. Ormond Street. A complex design and production project involving 96 flat bed print screens across four different designs to produce 10,000 mtrs of NHS compliant textiles.


We will also source other complementary product for our customers which will co-ordinate with those items produced by ourselves and we will offer specialist, professional advice, if required, about design, colour and product compatibility which will be beneficial to the overall aims of your project.

Some of our projects have involved the design, production and installation of various products such as seating, flooring mediums such as carpeting, rugs and linoleum-type products, textiles, wall coverings and decorative wall elements such as laminated cut-outs. These are items which can be provided individually or designed and produced as an overall themed interior package of co-ordinated product.


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