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Stuart McDonnell

A business graduate with a background steeped in furniture manufacture, Stuart developed his design skills directly through hands-on production. He is responsible for furniture design as well as production and project management in all areas of product development for textiles, surface pattern or other mediums requiring manufacturing input.
Highly proficient in sourcing production routes most suited to particular design and performance considerations  for bespoke projects, he is a skilled and extremely experienced manager of teams and projects with in-depth knowledge across a wide spectrum of design and manufacturing sectors. Stuart continues to research in areas of 3D technical textiles and knitted textiles for a variety of products as well as heat and light application with the Wellness & Healthcare sectors.
He is particularly interested in new materials technology, production technology and their impact upon design options for special project application.

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Marion Whitelaw

Graduating from Glasgow School of Art with a BA (Hons) Textiles, in 1984, Marion won the Design Council Award, first prize, for ‘Best portfolio of overall design in Britain’.
A prolific and innovative designer, Marion’s work is contemporary and abstract and her design application is utilised for print, weave and surface pattern with emphasis placed upon design integrity and high quality production.
With breadth and depth of expertise in both fashion and furnishing textiles, Marion has worked with internationally recognised designers and corporate clients. She is an excellent project manager and a significant asset to any design team requiring bespoke textile or surface pattern design and production of finished product.

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