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A multi-functional public seating system from which many shapes, configurations and scales can be made. Each link can rotate around the supporting cylinders and these forms can be changed to meet different circumstances within environments from time to time eg: squares, rectangles, circle, arcs and undulating lines.

Dimensions: 1 link

w 1800mm d 600mm h 430mm.

Additional links will add a further 1200mm given a 600mm overlap when each subsequent link is added.  Seat heights may vary depending which top is specified.

Our standard upholstered seat pad, as illustrated, provides for a 430mm seat height. This will change when alternative mediums are used such as simply a metal platform, laminate top, glass, timber etc.

Reduced scale can be applied to a variety environments and alternative materials for children’s areas.


Produced as standard in mild steel or stainless steel.

Arm rests and back supports available as required.

Alternative materials for construction will include glass fibre/carbon fibre where lightness and ease of movement are required.

Standard finishes:

Glass can be etched, sandblasted, laminated with texture and specific design.

Raw metal and painted effect.

Powder coated to colour as required.

Cylinder cut outs are backed with mirrored finish stainless steel or coloured mediums.

Timber can provide for almost any creative/decorative detail such as routered, concentric circles.

All elements can be galvanised for external environments.

Lighting can be provided within the cylinder or from beneath the central seat platform. This can be suitable for interior or exterior use. Upholstered seat pads utilise CMHR polyurethane foams.

Fabric quantity:

Customer’s own material (C.O.M.)

1.8 mtrs of fabric for three separate seat pads or 2.00 mtrs for a single pad of similar dimensions to the steel top plate.


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