We value, hugely, our unique and diverse global environment. The influence of our natural world upon art and design is immense and includes structure, form, colour, strength and fragility. Design and manufacturing processes are interwoven so as designers and manufacturers, we are particularly aware of our responsibilities to ensure that we minimise our impact upon our planet, its people and their environments.

When sourcing suppliers of raw or finished materials or components, we will endeavour to do so by selecting those which provide best practice in respect of their environmental responsibilities.

Textile production is a complex business and huge improvements have been made to reduce harmful pollutants once so prevalent throughout the industry. Yarn and cloth preparation, dyes and pigments, cloth finishing and flame retardants and many other processes have seen huge transformations by way of new technologies and effluent management systems.

As textile designers, we will seek production from highly reputable, world class manufacturers who meet and strive to exceed leading and expected industry standards.

As furniture designers and manufacturers, we will only use raw materials that are proven to meet acceptable levels of environmental impact with a view to sourcing any alternatives which will improve those levels of impact.

Where possible, we will employ transportation firms that operate within best practice with regard to emissions.

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